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The Facts About Face Masks


Mama Bear.LA was created as a way to respond to the mis-use of medical face masks by creating a washable, reusable alternative. A purchase of a non-medical grade masks avoids the unnecessary waste of those essential resources. 

A lack of proper gear and equipment for medical professionals can force the entire health care machine to come to a screeching halt. Because when our healthcare workers and medical first responders don't have access to particulate filtering N95 face masks, not only can they not protect themselves, but they also cannot protect their patients. 

In light of this shortage of face masks the CDC has recommended that cloth face coverings should be worn by all people, especially in areas of significant community based transmission (i.e., grocery stores, pharmacies etc.). This fabric, non-medical grade face mask can slow the spread of asymptomatic transmission when paired with frequent hand washing and other social distancing practices.

We support the use of face masks and we recognize their role in slowing the spread of the Corona Virus.

A face mask is not a replacement for other social distancing measures. We encourage that you comply with the CDC’s guidelines— and most importantly wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! Remember: my face mask protects you, your face mask protects me.

Explore the links below to learn more about the Corona Virus, Social Distancing, Face Masks and more...

For current events and updates the Centers for Disease Control, The World Health Organization, and the California Department of Public Health are all credible, reliable resources.