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Our Story

My fashion business got strangled by the Covid-19 shut-down,  my daughter was laid off, my youngest son was at home doing online high school, and my oldest son and his wife were living in Italy.  We were down, to say the least, we had to do something. 

Research indicated concrete evidence that face masks work… and there was a shortage of them!  We thought:  Let’s make face masks for everyone.   It became a family production; and a gift to me, to witness  the skills and talents my children exhibited… to see their hard work and inventiveness.That’s us in the photos.  Send us pictures of your family wearing our masks.

Our heartfelt Thank You to the real heroes:  Doctors and nurses, grocery store workers, our wonderful seamstresses, and all other essential businesses that are doing such a fine job of carrying on.

Big hugs from the Mama Bear Family: Theresa, Blaze, Isabella and Joseph.  Our littles next door - Lillian, Everett.  Our Aussie puppy, Ricky, and of course, our Nona Bear. 


Stay safe out there!

Mama Bear LA, a family-owned enterprise.